Clients are provided with a safe and non-critical place, which is governed by confidentiality, empathy and authenticity, so that they can discuss any difficulties and concerns they may be experiencing.

Issues that may lead to the search for psychological treatment may include self-awareness and personal development, anxiety disorders (e.g. panic attacks, phobias, social difficulties), depression, grief, anger management, eating disorders, interpersonal difficulties, separation or divorce, postponement, difficulty adjusting, sexual health, sexual orientation, sleep disorders, drug addiction, psychosomatic symptoms (e.g. headaches, stomach ulcers, tachycardia, skin diseases, etc.), psychosocial dyskinesia, physical disability, etc.) and abuse (psychological, physical, sexual).

Psychological treatment consists of sessions that usually take place once a week and last 60 minutes. Couple and family sessions last 75 minutes.

The services are offered in Greek and in English language.


Psychological assessment services are provided to children, adolescents and adults. Psychological assessment refers to the investigation and diagnosis of possible difficulties in cognitive, emotional and behavioral level, as well as in the areas of functionality of the individual.

therapeutic interventions

Psychological therapy, which consists of weekly sessions, aims to provide the person with a safe and non-critical environment, giving the necessary time to express and discuss difficulties and concerns. Through the creation of the therapeutic relationship and the establishment of the therapeutic alliance, ways of dealing with and managing the above are developed, based on the individual needs of each person. Individual therapy sessions for children, adolescents and adults are offered, as well as couple and family sessions.

Services within GESY

In order to be able to provide psychological services (specific symptomatology) within the GESY, the client needs a referral, which can be issued by various specialties of doctors (e.g. physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists, etc.). The allowed number of sessions ranges from 6-24 sessions, depending on age and symptomatology. The duration of the sessions is usually 45 minutes, with the exception of the assessment sessions or experiential activities, which last one hour. Couple therapy, family therapy and any other form of counseling therapy are not included in the GESY.